If you like Ouija boards and demons but not getting scared then you will probably like this.

  • Screenplay by Fernando Navarro (Toro)and Paco Plaza (REC Franchise)
  • Directed by Paco Plaza (REC Franchise)
  • Starring Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, The Help, Intersellar) and Idris Elba (the Thor franchise, Star Trek Beyond, the Mountain Between us) Sandra Escacena (Debut Film), Bruna González (The Promise), Claudia Placer (Debut Film) and Iván Chavero (Debut Film)
  • Budget of $Unknown

My initial thoughts
In the age where social media spreads faster than any other type of marketing campaign, Veronica is a Spanish horror film which has been billed as the scariest film ever through the heavy use of sponsored links. Is this the scariest movie ever made….in short, no.

The ‘ccc’ review
Have you every found yourself just trawling thought social media (mainly because you are procrastinating) then something catches your eye. Be it a dog video or how to become a millionaire overnight. But there are also the scary ones, and this is when we came across Veronica.

The heavily trending post read:
“Netflix released a new horror film “Veronica” & it is said to be the scariest film ever made. It is based on an absolute real story. Even science is unable to explain deaths in this. NETFLIX said only 1 out of 100 people are able to watch the full film. Experts are suggesting that it can kill weak hearted people. Are you brave enough?” – The Croydon Cinema Club was.

Veronica is about a teenage girl, who has to look after her three younger siblings whilst their Mum is at work, and as a result is unable to live a normal teenage life. So when the solar eclipse happens, Veronica takes this opportunity to do what all teenage girls do –

  • have a sleepover…no
  • Go to the shopping mall….no
  • Play the Ouija board to talk to the spirit of her dad….yes.

Classic mistake, as that leaves the portal open for a demon to come through and what ensues is the Lazaro family being harassed and Veronica fiercely defending her brother and sisters.

Brought to you by the director that did REC, Veronica is a simple horror film which tries to scare you through the tension rather than jump scares. It does a good job of creating the back story whilst doing a day by day account of the paranormal events. However, combined with the expectation that this is the scariest film ever and the tension builds to nothing, you begin to regret seeing that social media post. Most horror aficionados want to be scared and sadly Veronica does nothing apart from showing the struggles of a teenage girl (ok plus a demon following her about).

The cast is fairly small, but their performances are commendable especially considering their ages. The lead actress Sandra Escacena does a good job of being genuinely frightened whilst trying to prove to her family and friends that she isn’t crazy. Her little sisters (González and Placer) are frightened of their big sister but will follow her no matter much and the little brother (Chavero) will make you laugh.

What are my final Thoughts
Veronica wasn’t everything the internet said it was (fake news). Our expectations were heightened and Veronica failed to live up to the hype but it doesn’t mean it was a terrible film. For a low budget-independent film, we have to congratulate the cast and crew for producing a decent film – it just wasn’t very scary that’s all.

📺 👻Don’t be fooled into believing the hype

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