Avengers: Infinity War

If you like the Marvel comics, the Marvel Cinema Universe or even just a good superhero movie then you will almost definitely like this.

  • Screenplay by Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America:Civil War, Capital America:The Winter Soldier)
  • Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America:Civil War, Capital America:The Winter Soldier)
  • Starring too many to name!!
  • Budget of $316m


My initial thoughts 💭

With its huge cast, massive budget and multiple story lines, this had all the ingredients to become a bit of a mess (look over at rival DC and it’s attempts). Thankfully, this is a brilliant film that digs much deeper into the psyche of the villain than it has ever done before and amazingly continues to wows the audience even if this is the 19th film to come out from the Marvel studios.


The ‘ccc’ review 💭

After introducing all the infinity stones in previous films, this film begins the beginning of the end of phase 3 with the main focus on these powerful stones – just to recap the Tesseract first appears in the first Captain America film and many Thor films, the reality stone in Thor: Dark World, the power stone in Guardians of the Galaxy, the mind stone in Loki’s sceptre, the time stone in Doctor Strange leaving the soul stone the only mysterious stone yet to appear.

Thanos (Josh Brolin) is on the hunt for all of the infinity stones to enable him to reshape the universe in his own heinous image. If ever there was a time when the world needed superheroes, it’s now. With each Avenger, Guardian of the Galaxy and any other of the countless heroes who may not have full membership yet, with a sense of impending doom, here begins the fight to save the universe from destruction.

Given how much is going on, it is actually difficult to review even at a high level. This has been 10 years in the making with the first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (“MCU”) with the first film being Iron Man 2008 followed by another 17 films with Infinity Gauntlet being the 19th feature film release. As well as the infinity stones, we have seen the introduction of many superheroes, villains that have come and come, multiple planets all culminating in the bigger cross over of characters we have ever seen. Layer upon layer have quickly been added to this behemoth. Interestingly we were watching the first Captain America film and even back then it has links to this film.

Unlike previous Avenger films, no new heroes were introduced. Even Hugh Jackman wanted to star in the film as Wolverine (remember X-men is part of the Marvel comics) although this was probably a step too far in the crossover of superheroes and we are sure there would have been contractual hurdles between Fox and Disney.

Anthony and Joe Russo do a brilliant job of telling the story, setting the right tone and directing a film that hits all the right spots. As the title of the film states, this is a war and so little time is spent on introducing new storylines or characters. Given the magnitude of this film, with the number of characters and existing stories coming into this film, you will really marvel at the quality of the final product.

There can also be the danger that this could be a money making machine with the final product quality being effected. Don’t get us wrong, it is an undeniable money making machine but the quality of films the MCU is currently releasing are improving year on year – remember Black Panther was the last to be released. Out of the 20 films there have been only a few duds (Thor 2, Ultron come to mind) – you will take that hit rate…..and so will the studios.

You just wonder however when will this story arc ever finish. With few more films before phase 3 of the marvel cinema universe is complete you only enjoy the story being told. Based on the reaction of the audience in the cinema we don’t think they ever want this to end.

With so many characters it will take too long to mention their performances. However special mention to Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Thanos is a brilliant villain. He is given depth and this is explore during the film. He actually carries out what he says, giving those who deny him very little chance – that’s what you want from a villain rather than them going into a self indulgence speech given the opportunity for the heroes to escape and save the day. His henchmen also provide great support and a believable foe to our loveable heroes.

Final Thoughts 💭

There will be unanswered questions but even after thinking about it at the end of the film most makes sense and those you can’t answer will be the reason why you carry in watching the marvel films. Sometimes at the creamsendo of a franchise or trilogy you will be disappointed. However we have met very few people who have been so far.

🎥 💪 Great story, great cast, great villain, a great film.

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