Breaking In

If you would like to see if the mum in Home Alone actually remembered her kid rather than fly to Paris before realising then you will probably like this.

  • Screenplay by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop, Commuter)
  • Directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetaa)
  • Starring Gabrielle Union (The Birth of a Nation, Think Like a Man)
  • Budget of $6m

Initial Thoughts 💭

Gabrielle Union is the fearless Mother who lays it all on the line to protect her children at all costs from a home invasion. A film by the writer who brought us The Commuter and Non Stop, it is another film with a decent premise but not so great delivery. After an uninspiring one hour and a half, you will be more sneaking out of the cinema rather than Breaking In.

The ‘ccc’ review💭

After her father dies, Shaun (Gabrielle Union) heads to her childhood home with her children to sort the house. Whilst there, they discover the house has been built like a fortress with a hi tech security system in place… though Shaun’s father had something to hide….surprise surprise a group of armed men come to the house to find whatever it is. They lock her out of the house and there is only one thing she can do. Break in!!

The film is presented as a thiller, a mother’s willingness to stop at nothing to get her children back safely. However instead of being on the edge of your seat, you are merely watching a mother easily out manoeuvring these villains with them making one simple mistake after the other.

Ultimately this is just another home invasion film dressed up differently. Even this year we have seen films where families have been under attack with A Quiet Place and The Strangers: Prey at Night. Breaking In probably sits in the middle of the two, but lacks the slickness of A Quiet Place.

But you can understand why another film written by Ryan Engle has been produced. He has been on a streak of writing financially successful films. Commuter made an $80m profit, Non Stop $170m and Rampage $300m. Even Breaking In (at the time of writing) has made a $37m profit and that is off a substantially smaller budget.

Directed by James McTeigue (V for Vendetta), Gabrielle Union (The Birth of a Nation) is the undoubted star of the film. Historically, this could have easily been a film starring a male star (namely a Liam Neeson) who is an ex soldier trying to save his family. But reflecting the recent movements in Hollywood of giving roles to a more diverse group of people and female empowerment, this is a character who has little practical skills and relying on her maternal instinct. This film really emphasises that women can do it too by throwing few sexist remarks for added effect (“you are only a woman”).

Union is great throughout and we would definitely would watch more films with her – hopefully of better calibre. It is a shame that the robbers aren’t as savvy. To be fair they do elude to the fact that they come from county jail not the big boy prison but this still doesn’t excuse some of the schoolboys moves. As a result they fail to really convince as believable villains.

Final Thoughts 💭

Another safe film. It may generate a decent return on investment but maybe not be a film remembered in years to come. Apart from Gabrielle Union, nothing else much stands out – it is a bit of a ‘meh’ film. Let’s just hope in the remaining summer months we have films that take a gamble otherwise we will have more uninspiring films.

📺🏠Recommended if you have nothing to do on a Sunday night, even then you may call it an early night.

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