Croydon Cinema Club officially started in 2013 with three cousins who love watching and talking about films (and also had nothing else to do with their evenings). Over the past few years it has evolved and we now review them and rank films – so why not share our thoughts. We embrace all films, and we one key rule:

Cinema club can never pre-judge a film before viewing it

That’s it’s. We also don’t like to give a numerical number to judge films, as films come in all shapes and sizes and it be hard to distinguished between those films that evoke different emotions but are still brilliant in their own right. So what’s the best way to replace numbers? Emoticons, that’s right, with each group followed by a how we felt (subject to the particular film):

🌟🤩 Take everyone you can to watch it – a must watch!

🎥😊Would definitely recommended going to the cinema to watch

📺😐Definitely a film to wait till its released on TV

✈️😴 If you are desperate and it’s on in-flight entertainment.

🙈🙈 find something else to do with your evening

Enjoy the reviews!

Love from your friendly Croydon Cinema Club